Tuesday, March 20, 2018

Reschuled date 3/31/2018, Cumming Iowa

Reschedule date of 3/31/2018 for cumming IA segment. 

Saturday, February 11, 2017

9 years of the Iowa Spring Classic!

Attention riders! Thank you for 9 years!!!

NO USAC license requirement, show up and ride your bicycle!

Pre-reg online, $20, See course listing below for pre-reg date cut off.
Onsite registration is $25, cash only.

There will be two groups for women A/B and men A/B
Recommended rider format;
Women A - Advanced, USAC MTB cat 1-2, & USAC Road cat 1-3.
Women B - Beginner, USAC MTB cat 3, & USAC Road cat 4-5.
Men A - Advanced, USAC MTB cat 1-2, & USAC Road cat 1-3.
Men B - Beginner, USAC MTB cat 3, & USAC Road cat 4-5.

Increase in payout to $150 with rider turn out over 50 riders!
Women A, 3 places for $105, $50-$30-$25.
Men A, 3 places for $105, $50-$30-$25.
Women B, 3 places for gift certificates.
Men B, 3 places for gift certificates. 

Rules: All USAC rules apply and a helmet is required at all times. Courses are open to traffic and the centerline rule will be strictly enforced. The Promoter reserves the right to combine fields when applicable. NO REFUNDS, in accordance with USAC rules.
These events DO NOT count for USAC upgrade points.

No Neutral Follow - No Neutral Support - No Neutral Wheels.
Carry a tube(s), pump, or CO2 cartridge with you during your race. The Iowa City course is  a majority gravel and some paved surfaces. The Colfax and Cumming courses are ALL GRAVEL. We recommend BOMB PROOF tires for all events. 
Ride your CX bike, MTB, folks have ridden road bikes.

Questions? Contact Brett, aeripedis (at) yahoo dot com.

Sunday, January 1, 2017

Course Map Iowa Spring Classic, Cumming IA

Saturday March 31, 2018 Cumming IA
Presented by - BikeIowa 

Preregister online - $20 through 2-24-2018

CASH ONLY On-site day of entry $25
On-site registration opens at 10:00AM closes at 11:45. 
On-site registration will be located in Cumming at the Cumming Tap. 

All groups start @ 12:00 PM.
Women A - 5 laps/28.5 miles.
Women B - 5 laps/28.5 miles.
Men  B  -  5 laps/28.5 miles.
Men  A  -  7 laps/40 miles.
Promoter reserves right to combined fields based on rider turn out.

We will roll out from The Cumming Tap at 12:00PM as one, re-stage on the course and start. Total Course distance is 5.7 miles, all gravel. The course has 8 corners with rolling to hilly terrain proceeding clockwise.
Questions? Contact Brett, aeripedis (at) yahoo dot com.

Directions; From i35 exit (#65) Cumming, turn East County Rd G24 (Cumming Ave), go to the Cumming Tap, 117 Station St. 50061.

View IASC Cumming Two in a larger map