Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Course Map Iowa Spring Classic, Cumming IA

Saturday March 10, 2018 Cumming IA
Presented by - BikeIowa 

Preregister online - $20

CASH ONLY On-site day of entry $25
On-site registration opens at 10:00AM closes at 11:45. 
On-site registration will be located in Cumming at the Cumming Tap. 

All groups start @ 12:00 PM.
Women A - 5 laps/28.5 miles 
Women B - 5 laps/28.5 miles
Men  B  -  5 laps/28.5 miles
Men  A  -  7 laps/40 miles
Promoter reserves right to combined fields based on rider turn out.

We will roll out from The Cumming Tap at 12:00PM as one, re-stage on the course and start. Total Course distance is 5.7 miles, all gravel. The course has 8 corners with rolling to hilly terrain proceeding clockwise.
Questions? Contact Brett, aeripedis (at) yahoo dot com.

Directions; From i35 exit (#65) Cumming, turn East County Rd G24 (Cumming Ave), go to the Cumming Tap, 117 Station St. 50061.

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